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13 Gift Ideas || A guide for when you can't think of anything.

13 Gift Ideas || A guide for when you can't think of anything.

Alright y’all. I am really bad at giving gifts. Not in the sense that I can’t think of things people might want, but that I seriously want to pick THE BEST gift option possible. Something not super typical but really amazing that they will be surprised and intriqued by when they open it.

The best part about this gift guide is that A) You don’t have to leave the house and B) If you have amazon prime, you’ll save on shipping. WINNING FOR DAYS.


Anyways, here are some gift ideas of items I love:

#1: This isn’t even a gift idea. You should just get one for yourself. This hat is amazing. I own one and it’s the best hat I’ve ever owned. All the other winter beanies I’ve ever gotten have always slipped off my head. It’s so annoying. BUT this hat is cozy, you can wear it slouchy or fold the back over and make it more form fitted. This gift is great for any woman in your life! Plus, it’s MADE IN THE USA. Amazing.


2018-11-24 (1).png

#2: If you have a toddler, this is an INSTANT win. Every toddler I know LOVES those little pups that have big jobs to do. You know them. You love them because they give you 30 minutes to clean the house… Yep. PAW PATROL! So this find was originally from our dog chewing up the Rubble. My son only had that one and so I promised him that I would look for a new one for him. In my searching, amazon offered THE ENTIRE SET. Honestly, I think it’s a great price for the whole set and I love that my son will get to act out scenes from the show with all the team and not just one.


2018-11-24 (2).png

#3: Great gift for the awkward teenage boy in your life or your sister’s kids that you want to get more of a ‘family’ gift for. This is a portable soccer net. It’s an amazing size and we have one ourselves. We set it up in about 90 seconds and it comes with a carrying bag. Perfect to have for their yard or pack up for family outings and vacations. It’s a great size too. I was worried about that but it’s really great for the idea of a portable goal! Also, an incredible price. Enough in your budget to get them some cute Christmas candy too!


#4-7: If you didn’t know already, I have a Golden Retriever puppy. His name is buddy and I can’t help but want to get him a little basket of gifts for his very first Christmas! On the other hand, I don’t want to spend a TON. Like, I love him, but he’s also a dog and I have bills. I think you can relate. So I made this little gift basket for him so that he has a few gifts to open on Christmas morning.

Dog Bandana Set of 2 $11:
Kong Squeeze Crackle Bone $8:
Aggressive Chewer Toy $13:

#8-11: I love when people bring hostess gifts and I also love giving them. Alot of the time, you might be going to the boss’ house for the small company Christmas dinner or your boyfriend’s parents’ house for the holidays. Although a Christmas gift is great, I would suggest these items as a hostess gift. Hosting is EXHAUSTING. I think that it’s so thoughtful and sweet to bring a little extra something for the person who made the party possible. These are festive and purposeful but also budget friendly!

Plaid Fleece Throw:
Buffalo Plaid Oven Mitts:
Woodland Animal Note Cards:

2018-11-24 (9).png

#12: For the make up lover or that teenage girl in your life. I ADORE Boxy Charm and have used them for YEARS! This is essentially a subscription box, mailed to them FILLED with full sized items that are amazing. Brushes, creams, full palettes, etc. It’s amazing. I would suggest getting them the 3 month box. It’s a little more expensive but you will make their life!



$13: This last gift is great in many different ways! You’ve probably heard of them but I can’t help but get so excited when I get one of these. The company is Fragrant Jewels! My mom gave me a candle and bath bomb from this place and I have loved them since. PLUS, each item has a hidden ring inside and I love to put those rings in my daughter’s good behavior treat box. They are cute and she loves them. Use my code below and get $15 off your first purchase.


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